• An environment where Investors can learn without the sales pitch.

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FIBI Founders

FIBI Founder

What to expect at events

What we're about...

FIBI (For Investors By Investors) is a group of professional real estate and passive investors set up to help each other combine resources.

There is NO SELLING at any of our group discussions. Instead we do a round-table discussion with real investors and help people develop the resources they need, get their questions answered and get their deals analyzed. We try to match passive investors with capital, active investors with experience and new investors with a team while having an open discussion on various real estate topics.

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"Another superb panel, all providing insights and sharing experiences that would take years to learn elsewhere. As always, the questions answered just created more (but more pointed, focused) questions. Let the learning continue."

Rick Judt, Member

"Excellent! Each of the individual speakers provided valuable info, including what areas and items to focus on and what to avoid. Definitely many valuable lessons for us who focus on non-CA rentals."

Ray Paley, Meetup Member

" Great event! Really like the new venue. Lots of networking and valuable info on Investing Out of State. I Look forward to the next one."

Eric Geroge Gooden, Member

Learn and Discuss Diverse Topics to help you Invest

Rentals, Flipping, Notes, Commercial, Tax Liens/Deeds, Passive Cash Flow, Retail, Multi-Family, Tax Planning, Lending, IRA Investing, Economy, Syndications, Distressed Properties and more…

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